One-Wear Disposable Underwear

Making Life Simpler

About One-Wear Disposable Underwear's Knickers, Briefs and Panties

One-Wear's high quality 100% cotton disposable underwear is the underwear of choice when you require comfortable and lightweight single-use knickers, briefs and panties. We like to think it's making your life simpler.

One-Wear is available in two styles:

One-wear cotton disposable underwear for men available in the United Kingdom

Briefs for men in 5 different sizes
One-wear cotton disposable underwear for women available in the United Kingdom
Bikini briefs for women in 5 different sizes

Each pack of One-Wear contains five pairs of underwear that can fit in the palm of your hand. Each pair of underwear is individually wrapped to keep it watertight, maximising space efficiency while also being hygienic. One-Wear disposable underwear is made from fully bio-degradable cotton and so feels extremely soft and comfortable unlike briefs, knickers and panties made from synthetic polypropylene.

When can One-Wear Disposable Underwear be used?

One-Wear disposable underwear is very practical and is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind so that it can be worn and then thrown away. Our satisfied customers use it in far too many situations to list although we have listed some of the uses of our briefs, knickers and panties below:

One-Wear disposable cotton underwear for Hospital use available in the UK

Hospital stays are simplified with One-Wear disposable undwear. No need to worry about having enough briefs, knickers, panties or how you are going to wash them 

One-Wear disposable cotton underwear for Spa and Massage available in the UK Spas and massages can be enjoyed without risk of damaging your favourite briefs, knickers or panties.

One-Wear disposable cotton underwear for Maternity and Pregnancy wear available in the UK

Maternity and pregnancy underwear has never been more comfortable. No need to invest in expensive knickers, briefs and panties which will only be used briefly.

One-Wear disposable cotton underwear for Post Partum and Mensuration available in the UK Postpartum and menstrual underwear is an ideal use One-Wear knickers, briefs and panties
One-Wear disposable cotton underwear for Holiday and Travel available in the UK Holiday travels, hiking and sailing can be enjoyed without spending time washing your knickers, briefs or panties or having to wear damp underwear which hasn't fully dried. One-Wear disposable cotton underwear for short trips for sale in the UK Why not keep One-Wear disposable underwear in your hand luggage? Next time your luggage is delayed or lost there won't be an underwear emergency as you desperately scour the shops looking for knickers, briefs, panties or boxers.

The Saturday Times published an article on One-Wear disposable underwear and called it "The latest travel must-have"

One-Wear Disposable Undergarments are available World-Wide

One-Wear Delivers around the worldStandard postage is the same no matter how how many packs of underwear you order, so the bigger your order the more you save.

We will send One-Wear disposable briefs, knickers and panties anywhere in the world. Postage is also the same no matter how many packs of One-Wear disposable products you buy

Orders are sent from the United Kingdom so customers outside the European Union (EU) may be liable for local taxes and duties. 

This is what some of our customers have to say:

All i can say they did the job 100% and they are great value too

The Seller managed to get the disposable pants to my husbands hospital on Orkney in time before he has to go another hospital. We are extremely thankful for the excellent service

great in my hospital bag awaiting to have my baby